Saturday, October 08, 2005

We're "sailing away" to our new site!

Please join Bon, Tac, Wayne, The Guv'na, Kenny, Larry, & me at our new site: Playaz Ball
It is time to say "adios" to Blogger. It's not you, Blogger, it's me. I promise we'll still be friends.

So please be sure and bookmark the new web address,

I will leave this site up and will eventually have this site re-direct to the new one. Thanks for reading Playaz Ball and we hope you'll join us at the new home of the Playaz.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bear with us

We are currently in the process of trying to get our new site up and running but have a few glitches / details to work out.

In the meantime, I don't want to blog anything new if I can help it because it is a pain to transfer over thanks to Blogger.

Of course, I will put notification here when the change is made, which will hopefully be soon.


Phil & the Playaz

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Be sure and stop by your local newsstand

The Playaz' fall feature magazine hits the stands next week!

Monday, October 03, 2005

The Price Is Right

This is to give you readers a little background on the time that the Playaz' hosted and produced the popular game show The Price Is Right.

Prior to Bob Barker's arrival, Bon was the first host of The Price Is Right (the version that you have become familiar with, not the sixties version). Bon was an excellent host, albeit a bit aggressive and quick to anger with some of the dumber contestants. Bon ran a tight ship, and was responsible for many of the innovations that make TPIR popular today. Bon discovered and recruited the models who appeared on the show, knowing that their sex-appeal would boost ratings and help promote the show itself.

Many of you are aware of the Playaz late-night parties with the likes of Diane Parkinson, Holly Hutchinson, Ferrari Ferris, and many other of the fine ladies from TPIR. Well, they were Bon's idea, and were called "Bon's Beauties" before Barker came in riding on Bon's coattails.

Wayne was the announcer for the show. Wayne is quite a handsome fellow, but has a notoriously jealous wife. In order to keep peace with his wife at home, who was not fond of the Playaz' carousing with the models on the show, Wayne decided to gain 50 pounds and wear flamboyantly gay clothing in an effort to keep the ladies away, a style that was copied by subsequent announcers after our dismissal.

We invented many of the games that are still played today. This is a picture of the "Playaz Clock Game", in which contestants tried to guess the measurements of certain Playaz within 30 seconds, where Bon would instruct the contestant to guess "higher" or "lower". When the contestant guessed correctly, the clock would stop and then move on to the next Playa. This game was not a favorite of the network and was quickly cancelled, until the Barker-era came along and the game was simply renamed "Clock Game" where contestants guessed prices of vegetables and whatnot.

We were all fired, however, when it came out that we tried to rig the game by winning prizes for ourself. For three shows straight, either Tac, Manny or myself won as contestants on the show until the network caught on. We were forced to return most of the money, but we did get to keep a Chevrolet Caprice Classic they did not account for.

Another sore spot with the network was Bon's "kill all animals" stance, contrary to Bob Barker's stance on making sure your pets are taken care of by being either spayed or neutered. Thus, it simply didn't work out for us.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Guten tag, Guv'na!

Manny (aka, The Guv'na) is currently in Germany and sends us his photos from Oktoberfest- I will let Manny tell you about his adventures:

This is where the Guv'na's story begins...

At Oktoberfest, there are these huge tents/buildings for many of the big breweries in Germany. Inside are tons of picnic tables. Many are reserved, but most of them are general admission. What you do is pick a tent, find a table, and flag down a beer maiden. Beers cost 7.50 euros, which is about $9, but they are one liter (usually less though, due to the foam).

Things quickly escalated for the Guvna. At our table was a German marine, who simply could not be convinced that I was not in some branch of the US military. He kept challenging me to various tests of strength. At one point, he had me hoist a full beer above my head for as long as possible. Apparently, he held some record for 12+ minutes. I think I made it two until (luckily) he lost interest. Then came arm wrestling. I don't know if you can tell, but he's about twice my size, so I was going along with whatever he suggested. After my quick loss, he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me on the lips for about 10 seconds. This picture was taken immediately after. Note how my eyes are tightly shut. If you could see my mouth, you'd see that I was spitting and choking as well.

This gal needed a nap, I suppose.

This guy sidled up to our table and for two hours never said a word to anyone. I have no idea what he was smoking, but it gave him a very content look. I spoke only these words to him over the course of two hours: "Can I take your picture?"

Getting good....

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kenny, Larry reach agreement with Kim Jong Il

Kenny Rogers and Larry Holmes recently reached an accord with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il over their stated intent to develop a nuclear program that could involve weapons. In exchange for North Korea's concession to cease further nuclear studies and development of any nuclear weapons program, Kenny, Larry and Kim Jong Il agreed to the following:

- Kenny agrees to perform 3 times per year at the Kim Jong Il Whom We All Love Casino & Resort in beautiful downtown P'yong yang, North Korea.

- Kim Jong Il will be allowed to do his standup act at Dollywood 3 times per year (subject to Kenny obtaining approval from Dolly Parton).

- Larry Holmes agrees to fight a Chinese Panda to the delight of His Highness Kim Jong Il for the Korean Heavyweight Championship no later
than December 31, 2005.

All that is needed now is the Playaz' ratification of this agreement for it to be legally binding. Oh, and you're welcome.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Albumes de música de Playaz

Many years ago, a few of the Playaz cut some music albums down in Mexico. It is widely believed that we were the inspiration for "Menudo". I discovered some of the Playaz lost classics that once were the top of the Hispanic pop charts. Included are the english translation to the album titles.

"Orchestra & chorus"...."The sound is a tremendous goal!"

"For the first time"

We really aren't sure what the translation is here, and frankly, I'm not sure we want to know.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Heed my warnings! These stories are true!!

Please forward the following to all of your friends and family within the next 30 minutes, or you will all be eaten by locusts:

I know you probably hate these emails as much as I do, but I felt I had to forward this to everyone I knew, because I would hate if it happened to someone else. A week ago, my next door neighbors Bill and Karen had been planning a family vacation with their only child, a beautiful little girl who's first birthday was coming up. My neighbors were going to visit Karen's parents in Florida to celebrate little Katie's first birthday together.

Because of skyrocketing airline costs, my neighbors were going to drive, so needless to say there was alot to pack for such a long trip. Money had been tight with them for a while now, since Bill had lost his job over three months ago, and the family was stressed out and fought a lot, seemingly all the time. While they were busy packing, Bill and Karen had an argument over who forgot to fill the car up with gas.

With both of them now in a huff, Bill and Karen got in the car to leave but the car would not start. I'm sure they were thinking "what else can go wrong"? Bill turned the car over again and again and the car was making this awful grinding noise and refused to start.

Bill got out and looked under the hood. Inside was the mangled body of his daughter, Katie. Somehow, amidst the fighting and packing, Bill and Karen lost track of Katie, and she had crawled up into the engine block where she got trapped in a fanbelt. Bill's continuous attempts to start the car had killed his little girl.

Please, PLEASE know where your children are at all times....the little things in life are not worth it when it is SO EASY to lose track of your child. I told this story to my auto mechanic and he said he has heard of 4 instances in the last year about small children doing this. They are very curious, and there is lots of room for a child to crawl under your car.

If your car won't start, open the hood and see if your child is under there. DONT KEEP TURNING THE KEY!!!

PLEASE, do not lose sight of the things that are precious to you!!! Pass this on to everyone you know, and tell them to go home and give their little girl or little boy a hug and say "I love you!!"

I swear this is true. Also, I just got an email saying this weekend the "Bloods" will kill you if you flash your headlights at them. That is all.

-Playaz Public Service announcement

North Korea nuke talks stall; Playaz suggest U.S. send in Playaz' own special envoy

Rest assured, world, the Playaz have sent in the Big Guns to settle this North Korea nuclear nonsense.

To the other 5 countries previously involved:

Put that coffee down. That coffee is for closers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Collect them all!